The Job We Love. 7 Elements We Have To Think Of Before Get Started

The job we love

I’ve thought a lot in my life about which job would be the right one for me. I’ve been thinking for many years about how I could have found the right work that suited me best.

After the degree, I got a Master to have better chances to get a better job but I still had no idea what job I was going to do in that period. And, to be honest, I didn’t know what occupation I would have get in my life.


During the University years, I was a hard studying student, but I didn’t know anything about the life.

I was fresh about my matter, and I knew many notions about Communication and Marketing, but I did not know anything about how to do with them, and, the most important, I did not know anything about how worked the working world and the job market.

I’ve have been told that the School (University in this case) and the real life (the job market in this case) were two different things. Eight years after my degree, I can tell that those people were absolutely right.

Almost always, no matter what you study in your University career, no matter what you do during the master degree, what really matter is what you find in the job market that is not very distant from who you are. You have to keep in mind tree things. Who you are, what you like, and what you have studied (what you are qualified for).

Many times we don’t get the job we dream, but we can get very close to it. We can reach the job we like most so we can arrive to cut the tape and being satisfied of what we are doing in life.

As many things in life, even job we do requires ourselves to be asked “Do you really like what you do know?” “Are you happy to accomplish your goal doing your work?” “Are you happy at the end of the day?” “Do you have any regrets when you stay in bed before you fall asleep?” “Would you change something in what you are doing? Or better, in what who you are now”. All these questions, and probably many others, you have to ask yourself once in a while.

This is a method to keep ourselves tuned on what we do in a specific moment, and in my opinion, it is one of many ways to get close to happiness.

Based on my experience, and on what I get during my working years, I tried to write down some elements that I’ve found necessary to understand if what we do is the right one for us. I call it the circle of the right job. This circle helped me out to better understand if what I’ve been doing is the right job for me, and I hope that it can help you too to reach the job you really like.

I think that the job we like have to have 7 elements

  • Being happy when working
  • Forget time when working
  • Participate at Conferences
  • Traveling to attend Seminaries
  • Don’t care much about money
  • Being satisfied when finished working
  • Reading and stay up to date
The right job for us

How to know if the job we do is the right one for us. 7 elements to think of

I’ve found that taking under considerations these elements, I can get very close to the job I love and I hope you can do the same for you. Anyway, like everything in life, it is not a finishing point, but a started point to reach what we love most.

the passion in our job