Vadim Zeland – The Space of Variations

the sace of variations vadim zeland

The Space of Variations

This book is a very nice book because after reading it could change your point of view about how we can face some aspects of life ad it talks about a new way of looking at reality. To be specific, the books talks about how to face the annoying and upsetting situations in life. From the Author point of view, human beings have always more than one way to affront the reality and what happen everyday.
As the title of the book says, there are always many variations (here variations stands for ways, paths) to live the situations we come across in life. The books give you a theory of creating your own life and how to manage your reality.

Excellent quotation
“Take a moment to listen yourself and you will listen the rustle of morning stars”

What I’ve learned

You don’t always have to follow logic paths in life and don’t always have to be right. Pay attention to your soul before taking decision. It the only matter taht count and you will never be wrong. The only thing you have to be careful when taking a decision, is the soul’s well-being.