Deep In The Desert. A Place of Mind

arizona desert red sand

There are no places like deserts. For many reason. The most reasonable one is that the desert is a place you cannot come across anything. An inhospitable land where humans keep themselves away from it. You can do nothing when you are through it, apart the awareness of being in an uninhabited unknown place not made for being dwelling for human beings. When you drive or walk in the desert, probably the first though you have in mind is that, anyway, you have to be getting outside from it sooner or later so you probably will be safe and away from that desolate land and scenario.

arizona desert red sand

We have an unconscious thought that reminds us we are there just for a moment and it is a temporary time in which we pay attention to it. It is a transition time. And like every temporary time, it doesn’t scares us.
Desert is a state of mind.
But it is about this state of mind that I want to talk about in this post.
I said you can’t do anything when in the desert. But it is a thing you can and absolutely have to do. You have to watch it .You have to see all the things that surround you.

arizona desert rocks and plant

Prepare your mind before getting through it.
Deserts aren’t only a landscapes with nothing around. Deserts are places fully of amazing things. Are a mind places, where you can see and learn a lot about the land and about yourself. Deserts are places where we can see through ourselves. The silence, the desolation, the abandonment, the warm temperature, are things that work together to offer you the perfect state of loneliness.

arizona desert plants

arizona desert saguaro cactus

Loneliness is a mind state we absolutely need.
We can’t go to pay a visit to the desert if we aren’t able to see something in ourselves and see deeper inside us.
Our mind and our body, need this visit and there are always a thing that push us getting through it. Or, in any case, this what is happened to me exploring the desert of Nevada, USA.

nevada desert from the road

The best thing you can do when visiting a desert, is to listen all the things that are onto it.
The very special nature, like plants, sand, rocks, the sun that shines with a indescribable energy, the power of having nobody around, it is an adventure that for the beauty and intensity you aren’t able to forget for the rest of your live.

nevada desert horizon

After experiencing the desert in the deep you are not absolutely able to recover from. Away from the civilized world, away from limits artificially created, from the barriers we live everyday with, the desert’s scenario has the power to connect you with your deepest you, with your inner place, your soul.

nevada desert afternoon

I am a quite solitary person, who always loved very peaceful places and the deserts have always made in me an irresistible and magnetic attraction.

In the desert, the sound of silence devastates you. Its sound is like an airplane engine rolling in the landing strip. If you are free to listen it, it shouts and churns you soul.
Deserts are a state of being. It is far from a sterile, lifeless, and empty place to keep us away from it.
It is a beautiful, charming, appealing, place of our souls that deserves to pay attention to. It is full and incredible rich of things place we can only understand if we are positive and compliant to. You need just to know where  and when to look.

nevada desert

We are made to avoid desert places because of our social structures and so to avoid the solitude.
The solitude is one of the best condition for human beings who wants to listen their souls.
The desert is a challenging land where you can reverse what you have been learning, the social structures and limits. In its silence, you are able to find the real life. The primitive contact with the power of the nature.

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  1. Danny Dover says :

    I liked this one a lot. Keep up the great writing 🙂


  2. Franco says :

    Thank you Danny!
    really nice to have you here:)

    I definitely will

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    Hi, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your post!