Things Happen When They Happen, Not When You Want They To Happen

taking the life under control. Driving in the desert in arizona

Since I still not have so many readers I want to apologise to those who came across reading my blog for not having posted for months.

I don’t like finding excuses and say apologise for what I haven’t done, but I had to do something urgent in the past last weeks.

First of all, in the eve of my birthday, I got a call from my mom saying my fahter was being taken to the hospital for breathing disease. I have to admit that I’m accustomed to having my fahter in-patient because his health problems. In the past four years he got several surgical operations because of his heart and his veins and we traveled a lot through the Italy to drive him to the best hospitals in the country.

We had very bad moments and every time I get night calls from my mom, generally it means nothing good.

taking the life under control. Driving in the desert in arizona

But this is the life, so the night before my 32 birthday, when I was planning what to do with a nice friend of mine, I stopped anything and seated for almost twenty minutes thinking that life always surprises you.

Life is about circumstances and when we are planning something we don’t have to take anything too serious because life is too unforeseeable.
So the day after I took my car and drive towards the countryside of Rome to pay a visit to my father to see his conditions.
My sister was with me and we found our father in the hospital’s aisle just with a drip on and with my mom by his side, sitting on an uncomfortable chair almost asleep. No doctor hasn’t been visiting my father for almost 12 hours so we didn’t know what problem my father had. He just couldn’t breathe.
I swear that seeing a person who has breathing problems and can’t breathe is very impressive. It is a bad thing to see. Because you want to help him or her and you can’t.
After two days, my fahter was taken into a normal room and started the cure.
He stayed there for three weeks and every friday I drove to him to pay a visit him and help my mom doing anything I could.

This is the first part of the story and what I’ve learned is that when you are going to do something, life is just behind the corner ready to show you a thing you didn’t think at all. Things happen when they happen not when you want they happen.
About the second part of the story, here you are.

I’ve been living in a house in sharing with likeable three guys for 8 months but I came across a chance to go living in another apartment in which I had to pay no rent, and this was extremely good for my wallet. So the last weeks I had to move into another house with everything it entails.
I had reached a good balance for myself in the previous house I was living in, and the change disturbed me a little. I had many changes in my life, and I moved a lot during the past few years because of my job, but when you reach a stability is always hard to restart and move again.
The equilibrium is very important in life and when we are thinking at changing something we always take it under control, to not find ourselves in disharmony with our mind in the future.
Life, sometimes, is very strange.
We live everyday with the conviction that we are getting our time and our life under control, but there are very few things we can control instead. We are going to plan what to do during the coming hours and but we do not have the power to control what is going to happen in any manner. We can’t control the time. Absolutely.
Personally, I think that we (humans being I mean) do what we can, and the destiny thinks about the rest. There are small things we have the control on, the small things that surrounded us and our life like our job, our family, our house, our friends; but there are a lot of things we don’t know in any way. Events, circumstances (adverse ones and chances), situations, occasions..
We always have to think about the asymmetry, in life.
The asymmetry, is what we can’t take under control. This is what the life is about. Events, we aren’t born to have the command on.
This is the second lesson I’ve learned from the story.