To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Living

cliff of moher Ireland

I’ve decided to write my first post on this blog starting from a quote by Albert Einstein I found it very true. I only changed its last part of the quote using “living” instead of “moving”.

A small change that really makes sense to me. I love quotations in general and I’m making this blog also for offering quotes that, in my opinion, could help people make a better experience of their own life.

At least, quotes are little phrases that have inside a deep meaning of life and they can give us a hand when our inner self really needs it. I think they are a piece of wonderful cake we can taste to feed our soul in specific moments.

cliff of moher Ireland

So, in this blog, by writing posts based on my experience and thoughts, I would like to help you think of aspects of the life that can be hidden in most of the cases. In those cases we don’t often think … when our mind is busy thinking things we do in our daily routine.

We  run too fast everyday..

I know perfectly that it’ s a hard thing to do,  and I don’t know if this post will have readers at all, but I’ve felt to write a blog to share my points of view..and I have to..

because any of us feel the need to share something (happiness is only real when shared) another quotation 🙂

Ireland, cliff of moher

old church Ireland

In my life, I’ve always lived with obviousnesses in mind. I went to University, sat for exams, studied hard and got good marks to have better chances to get a good job. This is what I’ve wanted….or this is what I wanted when I was too young to take decisions?…(maybe the second one)

Once I got the Degree, I was invited to join a Master after being awarded a scholarship for my College, so I went on studying, with a certainty in mind that all this could have been of some help for my career.  At that time everything in life appeared clear to me.  Life was easy. And I knew which path to follow..

But it was just a wrong certainty. I was wrong. I was not living… or I was living just a part of the life you can live in life … just a point of view seen from a single corner..

After some internship experience in some posts,  in order to follow my wrong certainties I bright day (figuratively speaking) I decided to move to Ireland and I left Rome (the place I lived in) to improve my English (if any of you is English or American, keep in mind that you language is very beautiful, you can say things and explain thoughts with fewer words … always!)

 In those days, I didn’t know that I was starting living the better experience of my life … and not just for living in another country, but because at the end of my journey, that experience changed me totally… changed my point of view about the life…

walking on the top of cliff of moher

be careful walking on the cliff of moher

Before leaving, I didn’t keep moving…

Once arrived in Dublin, I had no idea what to do… I have no place to sleep, and little money in my pocket. But most important, I had to find a job… to ensure my stay in there..

I lived for more than two weeks in a small room in a bed and breakfast in Bray (a nice place close to Dublin) and became a friend of the owner, a funny man named Colm, a huge fan of Pink Floyd who used to play the drums and the guitar every day and night ..anytime.. all the time..and almost everyday, I used to fall asleep with that noise in mind..but I was happy, because that bed and breakfast was in front of the sea and every morning I had to walk along the seafront to get the train that took me to the city centre to find a job..

I said that I lived in that bed and breakfast for more than fourteen days, because at the end of second week, I didn’t have enough money to pay the room, but because of my friendship with Colm and his kind wife, I stayed for few days more in the room without paying the rent. Thanks to these wonderful owners, I enjoyed big Irish breakfasts that allowed me not to feel hungry for lunch .. so with the few Euros I had in my pockets, I was able to buy my dinner in a supermarket in the city centre…

With a good dose of luck, I finally found a job in little wine bar in Bray..I had never worked as a barman before that  and I had no idea what a barman did..but step by step, I tried to learn my job..

Days weren’t easy.. but after all I had all the things I needed.. a job, a roof to sleep beneath, and it was good..

I stayed there for a year, things went better day after day, month after month and became a good barman

It was strange..because I woke up in the morning and I was happy..even though I didn’t have the job I was studying for and a life I hoped for..I was happy to do a work I had never dreamed of.

I didn’t care..I was happy to do things I had never imagined.

I was the real way, in the right way..

You don’t have to do things just because you have to..Do things that make you feel good, always! This is the only thing that matters

Life is one and you have to live it in the full way..break some rules sometime and decide to follow the path you haven’t imagined to follow. Work with people you really enjoy being with.

At the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

I’m now doing a job I really like..but the barman time it is the most beautiful period of my life..

small town in west ireland

I’m a better person, because I’ve learned many aspects of the life I ignored. I learned that in life it doesn’t matter what you is what you like that really matters.

Live all the relationships you can start, even the short-living relationship, they’ll give you a big lesson that deserves to be learned..

To keep your inner balance, you must keep living…

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