Goobye Former Self

letter to myself

Dear Former Self, farewell.

We’ve been through a lot together. We shared a lot of things, sunny and raining days, we laughed together, we shared silent moments, we have also smiled; we have looked at heart-breaking panoramas, we have walked on beautiful streets and we have travelled a lot.

But we both now that our story were going to be over. We have looked many times in each other eyes, but too many times we looked downward with say nothing.

Too many times, in the morning, looking at the mirror we said to ourselves, I’m not happy any more. Something has to be changed. Something new has to happen.

Time is passing by. And it goes very fast, believe me is true.

Are we supposed to be unhappy for long time just because we had to stay together? Cuts are necessary. Indispensable. Even though they make ourself sad. Yes, they hurt.

But we have to save ourself. Life is a gift. The gift of the gifts. It is a big one. It is not good, and right and respectful to stay unhappy for long time just because we don’t have the courage to break something. What for? For the routine? For not to feeling insecure? For a safe place or for keeping us warm at the fireplace?

“Outside is cold, and is raining, and is snowing and is winding” you may say.

“Yes”, I do say.

Outside is cold and is raining and is snowing and is winding and probably much more that can get you in trouble and maybe there are wolfs. But outside there also new things, new panoramas, wonderful views that you never know and you couldn’t imagine they existed if you don get yourself out of the house. Stop looking at the window. Move yourself out and see what happens.
See new scenarios, get the rain on your head even if you get wet. Not a problem. You will find a new place to keep you warm.

Meet the wolfs, maybe you like each other and maybe you can learn something from them and so they. They are not so bad as they may seem.

Open all yourself to the life. Leave the comfort zone and get new experiences. Welcome to new adventures. It can be scary at the first sight, but then you will enjoy and you will have fun. You can bet on that.
Nothing is worthwhile if we are unhappy for a long time.

Don’t worry, time heals all wounds.

Anyway I don’t want you to think that it was all bad between us. We got losses, we failed many times, and many times we raised up again and again. You helped me in many situations in the past, to hold on many times and we still have a lot in common.

But no more lies. I don’t want to stay in the same situation any more. I don’t want to sit at the same table and see the same things that have not changed for so long time.

It is raining today. But I see squirrels from my new window.
Maybe there are wolfs just if I turn the corner. But I will meet them. And with a sly smile I will go ahead, secure that they won’t grow at me, but they will go along with me. In a silent way, towards new cliffs with wonderful views.

Live for the moment and enjoy the ride.

A new version of you