Exploring Florida. The Sunshine State and the Alligators

touching an alligator

When I landed in Miami, the first place I visited in Florida, I was hit by waves of warm like never before (maybe just the travelling through the Death Valley had been worst) especially if your last place was central Europe.

I’ve always been attracted by the Sunshine State (as you can see on number plate cars) and I’ve been planning to visit Florida for years. His nature and landscapes, sea and beaches attract me of course, but above all I wanted to pay a visit to Florida to go to the Everglades, a swampland Safari Park outside Miami. If you travel around Miami, pay a visit to that beautiful place and experience the beauty of that swamp full of fauna.

I spent two days walking around Miami and South Beach, visiting the best beaches and Lummus Park, just to understand where I was and the unique mix of cultures you can find in Miami. Since 1500, when Miami was found by a Spanish mission, and controlled by Spain and Great Britain alternatively, the city have always been a very multicultural mosaic, where residents still remaining of their original culture, so walking down the streets of Miami you can find a heterogeneous society maybe like no one place. Said that, the principal populations are Hispanics and Black from the Caribbean Island (Cuba is just three hours away by boat).

beaches in Miami Collins Avanue


palm fruit in Miami Beach

 A Renaissance Museum in Miami

Walking down the street near to my apartment just behind Collins Avenue, I was attracted by looking at a remarkable building at the bottom of Park Avenue. Inside the building I found The Bass Museum of Art (wow, Museum of Art in the heart of Miami Beach!) so no reason not to enter and discover what inside. The Bass Museum of Art is a Renaissance and Baroque Museum with exhibition of greatest artist of all time, like Italian Renaissance Master Sandro Botticelli (1445 – 1510)one of only handful Botticellis in the United States, and Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494)

It was very surprising finding a Renaissance Museum in Miami Beach and what’s more one of the most important artist of all time like Botticelli, the Master of The Birth of Venice displaying at Uffizi Gallery, in Florence.

 Exploring the Everglades

After spending few days enjoying the beautiful beaches I started planning the trip to the Safari Park in Miami. I bought a ticket for the day after (bus + Safari Park) in a kiosk at the beginning of Collins Avenue.

The Everglades Safari Park is really a thing worth to experience. It is very different from the flora we have in Europe (because of the tropical weather and temperature as warm winters, and very humid summers) but it was beautiful spending the day watching a distinctive and extraordinary place where the tropical fauna lives.



touching an alligator




I started with a airboat ride with the boat driver forced us to buy a sun cream in order to protect our skin from mosquitos, the enemy number one when you take a boat ride through the Everglades. We proceeded through the swamps for one our paying attention at everything around us, especially to the amazing wildlife like snakes, birds, and a huge variety of insects that find place in that scenario. After one our and half, I discovered a couple of Alligators taking a rest in that beautiful exotic place

After that, I saw many of them, very big ones, walking through their habitat and listened everything about their wildlife in the Safari, although, if we have to be honest, they have little about wildlife, because is always a Park for making people to go and pay a visit to domesticated wild animals.

Alligators Safari park



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