Experience The City We Live In

The most of time we walk through our city, the city we know better than any other, we don’t stop ourselves to see the things that surrounded us.

The most of time we walk down the street we run everyday in our daily life we don’t look around and see the things that make these streets truly unique.

As I can imagine, any of us does the same street to reach the work place where we stay the all day. And when we get out the office, or the place we work in, we are too tired or immersed in one’s thoughts to not see the beauties of our city.

Traian Markets RomeSometimes, try not to be in a hurry walking in the city and try to make a stop to see something we didn’t see the day before or the day before yesterday. Sometimes, we don’t see beautiful things that have been stayng there for long.

Rome Imperial Forum

Sometimes, try to walk slowly, and enjoy the most you can get by walking or driving through the city or the place we experience every day.

Maybe many of us are not lucky enough to live in a very beautiful city, but any city could have nice place we can enjoy to look at. Just make stops and try to catch something that attract our attention.

By doing this, we get back home with our soul more rich and I thing it allows you to appreciate things we thought were meaningless at our first look.

This article come from by seeing people run fast in beautiful streets of the city I live and work in, Rome, and seems that too many people didn’t get what live beside to them. It seems that people don’t experience the bauties like the old streets and the historical and very interesting places of this amazig city.

amazing view of Rome

Maybe I do this too, and this is because I felt to write this article. To inspire people to experience their city deeply.

Life is too short not to get the meaning of the beautiful things we walk through in our daily life. Take time to walk and don’t run to reach your destination. Not always anyway. Walk instead! Raise your head and look above to see the beautiful buildings you live next to and the places or landscapes you behold at.

By doing this, I thing we will appreciate the things we have, even the small ones.. Like a wonderul view, an amazing landscapes, an histotical streets that tell us much about the past. I ensure you, that by experience the city we live this way, we live the life deeply.