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Castle Combe, an unexpected experience in a 14th century village

Castle Combe english village Main Street

If you want to travel through time and go back to the 14th Century, in England is possible. Last summer I was driving from London to Bath (a stunning Roman thermal baths town in South-East of England not far from Bristol and the Bristol Channel and from there to the Celtic Sea and the open Ocean) and after having turned right to the A350 from Free Way M4 I entered in the Wiltshire (a beautiful county famous for pre-Roman Archaeology, especially for Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age and Land of Stonehenge) excited to reach the spa town built by Romans in AD 60. Read More…

Exploring Florida. The Sunshine State and the Alligators

touching an alligator

When I landed in Miami, the first place I visited in Florida, I was hit by waves of warm like never before (maybe just the travelling through the Death Valley had been worst) especially if your last place was central Europe.

I’ve always been attracted by the Sunshine State (as you can see on number plate cars) and I’ve been planning to visit Florida for years. His nature and landscapes, sea and beaches attract me of course, but above all I wanted to pay a visit to Florida to go to the Everglades, a swampland Safari Park outside Miami. If you travel around Miami, pay a visit to that beautiful place and experience the beauty of that swamp full of fauna. Read More…

Where East And West Came Into The Same Place. Istanbul

first view of Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is really an amazing city. Once landing I chose to take a bus with a guide in order to introduce me to the town and give me a first insight to this country. I was pretty shocked to hear that Istanbul is a city with 16 million of people counting the city centre, the surrounding areas and neighbourhoods. Bigger than New York, and the most populated in Europe and the second largest city in the world. When I was on the bus, the night I was leaving the town, I remembered these words spoken by the guide because it taken almost three hours from the town to the airport. This city is limitless. Read More…

Driving Death Valley. A Super Weird Experience

yucca mountain last service before area 51 poster

An old man said “Dont go there today”

Beatty was the closest town to Death Valley entrance, 121 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the last and weirdest experience I lived in my west US trip driving through deserts.

As I said before in this blog, deserts are places that always attracted me. I love getting lost in the middle of nowhere, where the silence gets very irrepressible and the temperature, with the sense of aloneness, catapults you in an timeless period. This is the reason because I decided to travel across the west US, a land where you can drive for hundreds miles without coming across anything.

Read More…

Deep In The Desert. A Place of Mind

arizona desert red sand

There are no places like deserts. For many reason. The most reasonable one is that the desert is a place you cannot come across anything. An inhospitable land where humans keep themselves away from it. You can do nothing when you are through it, apart the awareness of being in an uninhabited unknown place not made for being dwelling for human beings. When you drive or walk in the desert, probably the first though you have in mind is that, anyway, you have to be getting outside from it sooner or later so you probably will be safe and away from that desolate land and scenario. Read More…

To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Living

cliff of moher Ireland

I’ve decided to write my first post on this blog starting from a quote by Albert Einstein I found it very true. I only changed its last part of the quote using “living” instead of “moving”.

A small change that really makes sense to me. I love quotations in general and I’m making this blog also for offering quotes that, in my opinion, could help people make a better experience of their own life.

At least, quotes are little phrases that have inside a deep meaning of life and they can give us a hand when our inner self really needs it. I think they are a piece of wonderful cake we can taste to feed our soul in specific moments. Read More…