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The Job We Love. 7 Elements We Have To Think Of Before Get Started

The job we love

I’ve thought a lot in my life about which job would be the right one for me. I’ve been thinking for many years about how I could have found the right work that suited me best.

After the degree, I got a Master to have better chances to get a better job but I still had no idea what job I was going to do in that period. And, to be honest, I didn’t know what occupation I would have get in my life. Read More…

Experience The City We Live In

The most of time we walk through our city, the city we know better than any other, we don’t stop ourselves to see the things that surrounded us.

The most of time we walk down the street we run everyday in our daily life we don’t look around and see the things that make these streets truly unique.

As I can imagine, any of us does the same street to reach the work place where we stay the all day. And when we get out the office, or the place we work in, we are too tired or immersed in one’s thoughts to not see the beauties of our city. Read More…

To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Living

cliff of moher Ireland

I’ve decided to write my first post on this blog starting from a quote by Albert Einstein I found it very true. I only changed its last part of the quote using “living” instead of “moving”.

A small change that really makes sense to me. I love quotations in general and I’m making this blog also for offering quotes that, in my opinion, could help people make a better experience of their own life.

At least, quotes are little phrases that have inside a deep meaning of life and they can give us a hand when our inner self really needs it. I think they are a piece of wonderful cake we can taste to feed our soul in specific moments. Read More…