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Driving Death Valley. A Super Weird Experience

yucca mountain last service before area 51 poster

An old man said “Dont go there today”

Beatty was the closest town to Death Valley entrance, 121 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the last and weirdest experience I lived in my west US trip driving through deserts.

As I said before in this blog, deserts are places that always attracted me. I love getting lost in the middle of nowhere, where the silence gets very irrepressible and the temperature, with the sense of aloneness, catapults you in an timeless period. This is the reason because I decided to travel across the west US, a land where you can drive for hundreds miles without coming across anything.

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Deep In The Desert. A Place of Mind

arizona desert red sand

There are no places like deserts. For many reason. The most reasonable one is that the desert is a place you cannot come across anything. An inhospitable land where humans keep themselves away from it. You can do nothing when you are through it, apart the awareness of being in an uninhabited unknown place not made for being dwelling for human beings. When you drive or walk in the desert, probably the first though you have in mind is that, anyway, you have to be getting outside from it sooner or later so you probably will be safe and away from that desolate land and scenario. Read More…