Amazing Books

Talking about books is a thing I’ve always loved. In this section I would like to suggest the best books I read during my life so you will find great authors and even not well known ones, hoping that what these books teached me could teach something to you too.

I think that a great book is a book that you can learn from. Learning about how to live the life, learning about history and the past, you can discover how lived people from the past. It is always a discovery, even when you read literaure books and novels.

This page will be a list of books I consider the best ones at this moment. I hope you enjoy reading this list.

Human beings, to organize the society where they live in, have always been thinking that the creation of rules based on logical approaches and rational arguments are the best methods to study the problems which the people could come across. Existence, reality, life experience, the way of thinking at public and private sphere, the ways of experience the life, the reason, the language, the sense of existence and how to approach to it, this knowledge is called  Philosophy

The epistolary works written during the histiry of Human nature is called Literature and Novels. People from every country, in any Century, have always been writing to leave their thoughts or novels for the generation to come. Many literature works began performances in theatres, others continued to be novel books or epistolary works. Generally, the literature is strongly related to the country where the author is coming from and, any Century, has a typical way or thought to write also based on historic event.