About Life-around

Life around is a blog that gives you a romantic ispiration about life. In other words, how we experience the life.

It is not much more than advices and suggestions about how to live some aspects of life that we can’t think so often because we are too busy to think of them. By writing posts about my experience in my daily life, trips I’ve enjoyed and books I’ve read, I’m going to share my point of view about living the life. This blog shares thoughts about how to live the life deeply.

Why this blog

I don’t know. Maybe just because any of us needs to share something. Because if we experience something good, or something bad, we need to tell it and give advices about these experiences. I also want to share my thoughts about some books I really enjoyed reading and I considered these books as great ones;  what these books teached me and how changed my personality.

Where this blog is going to  

I don’t know. A smart friend of mine said once that if you feel to write a blog you have to. The path will become clear in the future. Maybe..:)

(in Dublin, some time ago)

Franco Lucchetti